About Athens

About Athens

The modern Greek capital was also the heart of Classical Greece.

Celebrated throughout history as the ancient seat of classical thought, Athens is a modern metropolis with a population of 4.5 million people that blends antiquity with modernity in the most captivating way.

Athens provides an unparalleled setting for educational opportunity and exploration: This is where the liberal arts were born, thinkers grappled with the practical and the existential, and for the first time citizens earned the right to elect their representatives. Whether you are drawn to unlocking the secrets of ancient Greek civilization at the Acropolis or enjoying life in a modern city that vibrates with the pulse of the 21st century, Athens will pleasantly surprise you.

The city is alive at all hours of the day and night, brimming with an active arts, entertainment, and culinary scene. Moreover, in just a few hours, a traveler can visit famous sites of Greek, Roman and Byzantine antiquity, the rugged mountain ranges of the north, the famous beaches of Attica, the Peloponnese, and the Ionian or Aegean Islands – all drenched with beauty and history.

Your stay in Athens will be one to remember!
Some information about the city of Athens can be found bellow:



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