Dr. Constantine Manasakis (Assistant Professor, University of Crete)

Dr. Constantine Manasakis

Assistant Professor, University of Crete

    Lecturer: Dr. Constantine Manasakis (Assistant Professor, University of Crete)

    Constantine Manasakis is economist (MBA, PhD), Assistant Professor at the Department of Political Science, University of Crete (06/2015 – ), Adjunct Professor, Hellenic Open University, Master in Business Administration (MΒΑ), and Research Affiliate at the Düsseldorf Institute for Competition Economics, Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf (07/2013 – ).

    He holds a B.A. from the Department of Economics, University of Athens (2000), a Joint Engineering-Economics MBA from the School of Electrical Engineering, National Technical University of Athens (2003), and Ph.D. in Economics from the Department of Economics,University of Crete (2007). His current research interests focus on Industrial Organization and Policy, Business Strategy and Strategic Management.

    • In the above fields, his research and advisory activity focuses on issues related to:
    • Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development
    • Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility
    • Start-Up Entrepreneurship and Smart Specialization
    • Innovation Management and Technology Policy
    • Sustainable Tourism Development
    • Mergers & Acquisitions and Competition Policy
    • Vertical Markets
    • He has participated in European and Greek granted Research and Development Projects, and offered consulting services to a large number of enterprises and organizations.

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